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Vocational training – model Germany?

“President Steinmeier and his wife Elke Büdenbender travel around Germany for the week of vocational training”. This is the title of the press release of 28 March 2018 from the website of the President. The background is the realization that the appreciation of one of our export hits does not take place properly. The form […]

Virtual Worlds Online

With the new functions of didactical-controlled 3D objects and virtual reality learners can dive into a virtual reality. Learn about the new functions of e-learning. These functions are easy to implement into Web based Trainings. CBTL Demo

Germany Recognition Act

Germany is depending on qualified professional workers from abroad. But how can certificates from other countries being recognized in Germany. The Germany Recognition Act gives forein professionals the possibility to be entitled by the authorities if their qualification is equivalent to the one in Germany. Experience has shown that the Recognition Act is a success. […]

What is authentic German Vocational Education?

German vocational education means a systematic concept that involves the entire educational process such as educational guiding ideology, curriculum model, teaching organization form, teaching method and didactics, as well as examination measures. The exact implementation of authentic German vocational education requires not only macro-institutional conditions such as legislation, political appreciation and social acknowledgement (which is […]

Vocational Education and Professional Training

Having been worked in both areas for decades, vocational education and professional training, I might tell the differences and the requirements of both. What are the responsibilities, the expectations and the requirements of involved partners and how should they work together and support each other? Vocational education offers mainly an institutionalized approach to cultivate young […]

Handicraft makes People Happy

Today I was surfing the internet and found a funny advertisement video about vocational education. It shows how satisfied one can be in doing something with his hands. At the end the video is asking: “and, did you make something today?”. It is very interesting to me and reminds me of the early years of […]

School Industry Cooperation in China

Recently, six departments such as the Ministry of Education jointly issued the Measures for Promotion of School-enterprise Cooperation in Vocational Schools (hereinafter referred to as “the Measures”). By clarifying the target principles for the cooperation between schools and enterprises in vocational schools, implementing the main body, forms of cooperation, promotion measures and supervision and inspection, […]

Implementation of German Vocational Education

Since decades there are extensive educational partnerships, between many different schools, institutes and companies in China and Germany. As a rule, most of these partnerships couldn’t survive long after the projects end. When it comes to the regular education process and the project partners are not in place anymore, most projects are dying and all […]