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Working for


1989 – 04-2000 Handwerkskammer für Oberfranken

Trainer for:

  • Apprentices
  • Service technicians
  • Master technicians
  • Miscellaneous (training for electronic systems, wheel alignment, etc.)

04-2000 – 05-2000 Mediasys – Internet Provider

  • Consulting and sales of internet projects.

06-2000 – 06-2001 Fa. Nölkel – Werkstattleiter und Waschanlagenbetrieb

  • Service adviser and workshop manager
  • Business organization and administration

07-2001 – 12-2011 BMW AG – Technischer Trainer / Teamleiter

  • Development of concepts and media for technical training
  • International Train the Trainer
  • Development and implementation of IT systems for e-learning
  • Development of training processes and career paths for automotive technician
  • Coordination international technical training
  • Organization and management of “BMW Expert Group”
  • Management and coordination “International Training”

01-2012 – 12-2012 BMW AG – Technical Trainer/Team Leader Market Development

  • Development and implementation of vocational education programs in international markets
  • Development and implementation of training programs in international markets
  • Concept and quality management for trainer qualification
  • Budget and resource planning
  • Management of international education and training measures

01-2013 – 12-2013 BMW China – Senior Manager Trainer Development

  • Development and implementation of SGAVE “Sino-German-Automotive-Vocational-Education” project
    • Concept and system for teacher qualification
    • Concept and implementation of a interface between vocational schools and dealerships
    • Cooperation with Ministry of Education and schools in China
  • Development of a system to for trainer development
    • Trainer qualification
    • Trainer evaluation
    • Career path
    • Quality control
  • Development of a processes and standards for training concept and material
    • Document Management System – development and implementation
    • E-Media – development of a common platform for e-media content
    • Development of a Blended Learning approach for all training courses o Processes and Standards for Development of Concept and Media of Training Programs
  • General Responsibilities
    • Resource planning – Budget and employees
    • Interface between China and Germany
    • Consulting for all training relevant issues
    • Representative of BMW at schools and Ministry of Education

01-2014 – 03-2017 Gongdao Training Academy - Tianjin/China

  • Chief Executive Officer
    • Build up a new training academy for 4S dealerships in China
    • Build up a vocational school for automotive area in China
  • Business development
    • Branding and marketing
    • Administration and organization
    • Alignment with investors
    • Human resources
  • Dean
    • Setup a certification program and new product trainings of new cars and technologies for key positions in 4S automobile dealerships
    • Setup a online school to support all training programs
    • Setup E-Media development processes
    • Setup documentation processes and system

03-2017 – 03-2018 IVE Innovative Vocational Education

  • Chief Executive Officer
    • Build up a provider for vocational schools in China
    • Setup a product portfolio to supporting high quality offline and online services for vocational schools
    • Development of a certification system for teachers, assessors and students according to the German Vocational Education system
    • Development of complete curricula for automotive technicians and automotive sales persons including an entire document and media package
    • development of an online portal for organization and administration of students and teachers



Berufsschule – Vocational Education in Automotive Technique

  • Bayreuth, 09-1971 – 02-1977

Handwerkskammer für Oberfranken – Advanced Vocational Study Master Title in Automotive Technique

  • Bayreuth, 06-1983 – 06-1984

Further Education

  • Many technical courses, Trainer qualification, NLP

Additional Knowledge and Skills

  • Technical Authoring Systems
    • Content Management System
    • XML Editor
    • Development of technical documentation
  • Training
    • Technical Training for Service Technician
    • Train the Trainer
    • Workshops and Coaching
    • Workshops Expert Group Technical Training
    • Workshops technical Training internationally
  • Systems
    • Development of a e-Media Development System for WBTs for Germany and China
    • Development of Learning Path based on a Learning Management System
    • Development of Standards in technical Documentation
  • Education
    • Development and Implementation of a Career Program for China Market
    • Development and Implementation for a Teacher Qualification System for the German Automobile Industry in China


School Cooperation China-Germany

Setup a cooperation between two schools in China (Shanghai Normal University und Nanjing Jingling Vocational School) and the Handwerkskammer of Oberfranken in 2001. Both projects still running successfuly. Target is to provide German certificates (Geselle, Service Technician, Master).

SGAVE Projekt

Within the SGAVE project on behalf of BMW AG responsible for:

  • Setup a certification program for vocational teachers
  • Managing the students in making internships at BMW dealership organization
  • Setup of a center of competence in China for implementing the project localy

Brief Info hier

BMW BEST program China

Introduction of the first certification program IBT (Introduction to BMW Technology) for employees of the BMW dealership organization in China in 2005. The program is running under the name BEST in China now.

BMW AG Authoring System

Development of a authoring system for developing technical documentations and trianing material based on:

PTC Arbortext Editor


BMW AG Development Process 3D Training Media

Setup of a development process for 3D vehicle to supporting the media development of technical training.

Christian Breitung

BMW AG Learning Management System

Introduction of learning path and working process of qualification system for international technical trainers based on the BMW Learning Management System.

Gongdao Learning Management System

Development and implementation of a learning management system at Gongdao training academy based on Moodle.

Gongdao LMS


Gongdao Certification Program Dealership Organization

Development and introduction of a certification program for employees of Automotive Dealership.